Exercise to get rid of pain

One great approach to getting rid of pain without drugs is rebounding. On a mini-trampoline that is of premium construction and design, it is safe as it is effective.If you want to know how to get rid of the pain of naturally, then you need to consider the cause of the pain . This is always a vitally important consideration and is unlikely to be what you think it is.

Getting to the cause of any problem is always the best way to resolve it fully. Simply by treating the effect, you will never fully resolve it and may do harm to yourself in the meantime.

An injury left untreated will only worsen. In time, one will experience a reduction in one’s range of motion. This, eventually, leads to the atrophy or the hardening of the injured body part. What once started as acute pain now becomes chronic pain, and the latter takes a longer time to heal.

Pain is an indicator of a block in our circulatory system. To be free of the pain, the block must first be cleared. The up and down motion of rebounding massages and stimulates the cells, increasing the circulation of oxygen, blood and nutrients to them. This is how the pumping action of bouncing clears the blockage and promotes healing.

Of course, this is not to suggest that healing will take place instantly with rebounding. Some types of pain, specifically chronic pain, will take a little while to heal. I have been rebounding for a year now — that’s ten minutes a day, every day. The exercise has relieved me of acute pain from headaches, pulled muscles and pinched nerves. Likewise, I have also experienced relief from the chronic pain of wrist tendinitis, sciatica, recurring lower back spasms and on-and-off knee inflammation.

Some of the exercise sets I do on my mini-trampoline include:

The health bounce — I bounce slowly and gently without lifting my feet off the mat. It’s a mild movement that has helped me find relief from some pains.

The back kick — I bounce and kick my legs backward, alternating between them. It has provided excellent relief for lower back pain. It has strengthened my lower back, too.

The hip twist — I bounce and alternately raise my knee across the opposite leg. This has proven most helpful in getting rid of my sciatic pain.

My two knee exercises — I do these with my knees bent and my feet shoulder-width apart. They consist of thirty counts of shifting my weight from foot to foot and another thirty counts of jumping from side to side. They have helped me do away with my knee pain, and they have also fortified my knees in the process.

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